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Home page features

an image of the home page of the WebFiles online file sharing system


Account name


Only menu links for which users have been granted access will appear. Current user has full admin privileges.


Group label


Group headings allow you to subdivide contents.


Files added since last login appear with yellow "NEW" label.


File labels provide clear description of file contents.


Files updated since last login appear with orange "UPDATED" label.


Group contents can be hidden.
(Click Group label to toggle.)


Up to 10 Groups per account. Administrators control who has access to which groups.

image that tells you a file is new

New file indicator

You will see the New file indicator next to files that are new and not yet viewed or downloaded.


Use WebFiles to:

  • easily and securely distribute your documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc. to your partners, vendors, and customers
  • track how many times your users have logged in
  • upload new versions in seconds
  • organize your files into Groups and completely control user access
image that tells you a file has been updated

Updated file indicator

The Updated file indicator marks files that has been updated and not yet viewed or downloaded.


Q. Will all of my users have access to all of my files?

A. That's completely up to you. WebFiles allows you to control exactly what files each user can access. You can give completely different access to different users, mixing and matching users, files, and groups however best suits your needs.

image of the button that lets you edit a user

Edit button

Administrators can click the Edit button to edit this group's profile and permissions.

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