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an image of the Files page of the WebFiles online file sharing system


Browser your computer to add a File, or enter a Web Link, or Heading.


Enter label to clearly describes file's contents.


Choose the Groups with which you want to associate this File, Link, or Heading.


Filter Files display.


Click to sort by column heading. Click again to reverse sort.


Label is what appears on Home Page to identify the file or link.




File (with file size), Link, or Heading.


Number of times this File has been downloaded.

image of the button that lets you view info for a file

View button

The View button shows you more information about a file.

image of the button that lets you edit a file

Edit button

Administrators can click the Edit button to edit this file's profile and permissions.

image of the button that lets you delete a file

Delete group button

Click the Delete button to delete this file. (Files can be permanently deleted or restored from the Manage Deleted Users screen.)

image of the button that lets you add a note to a file

Note button

Use the Note button to create a note or alert about file that will be visible by any user.

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